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ph: 917-583-2673

CHRIS LEATHERS is a NY based 3D artist working in digital production for Animation, Games, and New Media, with a side order of Concept Art. Currently persuing his dream of doing production work on VFX and Feature Animation.

Main Software:
(Soon: Mari and Substance Painter)

Animated TV Series:
Supervising 3D Artist (Digital Sets) - Speed Racer (26 Episodes)
3D Set Modeler/Rigger - Nickelodeon - Kappa Mikey (52 Episodes)
Mobile and AR/VR Games:
Lead 3D Character Artist - Freeverse Games
3D/Unity VR World Artist - VRB, Samsung Accelerator
AR - Getty Museum, Cicso, Chriss Angel, Amplify, VRB, etc.
Sr. Visual Designer - Amplify Learning - Tablet Games

Clear to work without need for visa in both US and EU.

What I Do:
Highly qualified 3D Artist with 20+ years experience. Extensive background in Modeling, Surfacing, Rigging, and Rendering. Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Traditional.

CG Production Skills:

    - VISUAL DESIGN / CREATIVE DIRECTION: Every group of people working on a visual project like software or animation, needs to develop a vision for what it is they are trying to do, who it is they need to hit, and the over arching context for the work they show to that audience or the world. This is attempted in many ways, and there is an important natural evolution of ideas among a group, but the most effective backstop in every genre' is to have at teh top of each production or department, one good lead person, responsible for visual and conceptual integrity who can bring peoples ideas together when things get crucial.

    - ASSET PRODUCTION / 3D TECHNICAL SUPERVISION: In the process of digital production, visual direction is paramount, but the art also has to be made. How this is done is critical especially when a platform has limitations, which they all do. How things are made, and shared, and the pipeline they exist in, is the realm of the technical supervisors and the seasoned production artist. It can mean the difference between a week of ease, and a year of suffering, and until you've seen it done right, you'll never know what you are missing. I try work for or emulate the people I have seen doing it right.

    - SKETCHES/THUMBNAILS / CONCEPT ART: There should be a napkin with scratchy lines on it somewhere behind every digital media project.

    - UNITY WORLD BUILDING / PROTOTYPING: In Unity I've built assets from scratch, assembled scenes, blended animations, baked lightmaps, engineered sounds, hobbled together shaders, and stolen, er um I mean, borrowed or hacked c# scripts, along with a lot of cutting and pasting to build functional, touch enabled prototypes in unity.

    - UI / UX: This role is emerging to mean many different things to different people. The cold grey insurance salesman pictures one thing. The cutting edge game developer sees another. Some see flat, UI and nothing else. Others like me, still see value in Skeumorphic interface. What it really takes is meditation on user intent and understanding of the platform to achieve simplicity and flow.

More Skills:

    - ABSTRACT THINKING / FINE ART : I still create some work that the EMP's won't wipe out. Real, dripping pigments on paper, canvas and boards. Over the past 20 years, I have steadily built up and continue to experiment and explore a body of paintings, and fine art.

    - ILLUSTRATION : Illustration spans all the disciplines above but there is a branch of illustration which is unique unto it self, and does not cross over, too much into other realms of my expression. The art of Children's Book Illustration.